My Teacher called Experience

A great saint, Minora, was dying. His chief disciple came close to him and asked softly, “Master, you are leaving us. One question has always been in in our minds. Who was your Master?. This has been a great curiosity among all your disciples because we have never heard you talk about your Master. But we could never gather courage to ask you.”

Minora opened his eyes and said, “It will be very difficult for me to answer because I have learned from almost everybody. The whole existence has been my Master. I have learned from every event that has happened in my life. And I am grateful to all that has happened because out of all that learning I have arrived.”

Minora  said, “Just to satisfy your curiosity I will give you three instances…


I was very thirsty and I was going towards the river carrying my begging bowl, the only possession I had. When I reached the river, a dog rushed past me, jumped into the river and started drinking.

I watched the dog for a moment, then threw away my begging bowl. A dog could do without it. I also jumped into the river, drank as much water as I wanted. My whole body was cool because I had jumped into the river. I sat in the river for a while longer. In my heart, I thanked the dog with deep reverence because he had taught me a lesson.

I had dropped everything, all possessions, but there was a certain clinging to my begging bowl. It was a beautiful bowl, very beautifully carved, and that I was always aware that somebody might steal it. Even in the night I used to put it under my head as a pillow so nobody could snatch it away. That was my last clinging. The dog helped. It was clear: if a dog can manage without a begging bowl, what more me? I am a man, why can’t I manage? That dog was one of my teachers.


I lost my way in a forest and by the time I reached the nearest village it was midnight. Everybody was fast asleep. I wandered all over town, until finally I found one man. I asked him ”Can you give me shelter for the night?”

The man said, “I can see from your attire that you are a mystic. I am perfectly willing, but I must tell you who I am. I am a thief. Would you like to be the guest of a thief?”

For a moment Minora hesitated. The thief said, ”You seem to be hesitant. The thief is willing but the mystic seems hesitant, as if the mystic is weaker than the thief. In fact, I should be afraid of you—you may transform my whole life! Inviting you means danger, but I am not afraid. You are welcome. Come to my home, eat, drink, go to sleep and stay as long as you want. I can manage for two persons. And it will be really beautiful to chit chat with you of great things. But you seem to be hesitant.

Minora became aware that it was true. He asked to be forgiven. He said, ”Yes, my rootedness in my own being is very weak. You are really a strong man and I would like to come to your home. And I would like to stay a little longer, not only for this night. I want to be stronger myself!”

The thief said, “Come on!” He fed the Mystic and gave him shelter. Now I will go. I have to do my own thing. I will come back early in the morning.” Early in the morning the thief came back. Minora asked “Have you been successful?”

The thief said, “No, not today, but I will see tomorrow.”

And this happened continuously, for thirty days: every night he went out, and every morning he came back empty-handed. But he was never sad, never frustrated –no sign of failure on his face, always happy—and he would say , ”It doesn’t matter. I tried my best, I could not find anything today again, but tomorrow I will try. And, If it is the will of God, it can happen tomorrow if it has not happened today.”

After one month Minora left, and for years he tried to realize the ultimate and it was always failure. But each time he decided to drop the whole project he remembered the thief, his smiling face and his belief ”If God wills it, what has not happened today may happen tomorrow.”

Minora said, ”I remembered the thief as one of my greatest teachers. Without him I would not be what I am.”


I entered a small village. A little boy carrying a lit candle was going somewhere. And Minora asked, “Can you tell me from where the light comes? You have lighted the candle yourself so you must have seen where the light came from. What is the source of the light?”

The boy laughed and he said, “Wait!” And he blew out the candle in front of Minora. And he said,” You have seen the light go. Can you tell me where it has gone? If you can tell me where it has gone I will tell you from where it has come, because it has gone to the same place. It has returned to the source.”

Minora said, “I had met great philosophers but nobody had made such a beautiful statement: “It has gone to the very source.” Everything returns to its source finally. Moreover, the child made me aware of my own ignorance. I was trying to joke with the child, but the joke was on me. He showed me that asking foolish questions: “from where has the light come?”—is not intelligent. It comes from nowhere, from nothingness — and it goes back to nowhere, to nothingness.”

Minora said,” I paid  reverence to the child. The child was puzzled. He asked, “Why do you pay respect to me?” And I told him, “You are my teacher– You have shown me something. You have given me a great lesson, a great insight.”

Since that time, Minora said, “I have been meditating on nothingness and slowly, slowly, I have entered into nothingness. And now the final moment has come when the candle will go out and the light will go out. And I know where I am going—to the same source.

No situation is without a lesson, no situation at all. All situations are filled with meaning and intelligence. But we have to discover them. They may not always be on the surface.

When we see life itself as our teacher, these lessons become more accessible.

What are the Spiritual Laws in operation here?


Practical Insights for Daily Life

‘Therefore, the ECKist is a realist, for he knows how to use the Law of Polarity.  When he has to use his consciousness in the psychic world, he is able to take advantage of the Law of Opposites.  But when he is in the world of the true Kingdom of God, then he is able to use the Law of Polarity for his own benefit through this conscious state.” – The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Bk 2, Chp 7

The above excerpt held Priscilla captive for days on end.  Her curiosity about using this Law of Polarity for her own benefit in a conscious state lingered in her attention every minute of her waking state. The curiosity was such that it wouldn’t step aside for anything else to enter her consciousness. Finally, one morning during contemplation, the fire of curiosity was quelled.

Sitting quietly in contemplation, Wah Z, the Mahanta, the Inner Master and Rebazar Tarz, the great Tibetan ECK Master, fleeted in and out of her attention. Priscilla said that she understands all that is written about this law – all the things about passive and active, feminine and masculine, day and night and so on. She asked in all honesty, “What I want to know is how this law operates at the grassroots level.   Because if I can’t see how it works in my mundane everyday life, I won’t be free of karma.”

The answer given astounded her.  “Talking and listening.”  The Masters continued, “Talking is active while listening is passive.  To know when to talk and when to listen will see you living free of karma.  We all know that too much talking or talking unnecessarily goes against the Law of Economy.  While a person who listens but refuses to speak up when it is time to talk, that is to flow with the Law of Polarity, incurs unnecessary karma.”

The gift of this grassroots truth instantly peeled off a layer of fear which had prevented Priscilla from participating fully in life.

The knowingness of when to talk and when to listen comes when we are in tune with the divinity within us. The fear of talking when one is supposed to shows a mistrust in the Light and Sound of ECK or the life force. It is in a way one of the passions of the mind, vanity, playing itself out. Vanity can either put us in an inactive state or an aggressive state.

The discipline of the spiritual exercises takes a person to the Seat of Soul so that she can move with the ebb and flow of the Law of Opposites.

This revelation again brought to Priscilla’s mind the words of Sri Harold Klemp, The Mahanta, The Living ECK Master, who said, “Knowing these laws, we can then make our own life easier.” – The Dream Master, Mahanta  Transcripts, Bk 8, Chp 8


Mind and Misery

A Saint who had a way of taking any situation and using it to teach spiritual principles, was going through the marketplace of a town with his disciples.

He saw a man dragging his cow by a rope, and the Saint said “Wait” to the man, and told his disciples “Surround this man and the cow. I am going to teach you something.”

The man stopped – the Saint was a famous mystic – and he was also interested in what he was going to teach these disciples and how he was going to use him and the cow.

And the Saint asked his disciples “I ask you one thing: who is bound to whom? Is the cow bound to this man or is this man bound to this cow?” Of course, the disciples said, “The cow is bound to the man. The man is the master, he is holding the rope, the cow has to follow him wherever he goes. He is the master and the cow is the slave.”

And the Saint said “Now, see.” He took out his scissors and cut the rope – and the cow escaped.

The man ran after the cow, and the Saint said “Now look what is happening! Now you see who the master is; the cow is not interested at all in this man – in fact, she is escaping.” And the man was very angry, he said “What kind of experiment is this?” The Saint turned to his disciples and said, “… and this is the case with your mind.”

“All the nonsense that you are carrying inside is not interested in you. You are interested in it, you are keeping it together somehow – you are becoming mad in keeping it together somehow. But you are interested in it. The moment you lose interest, the moment you understand the futility of it, it will start disappearing; like the cow, it will escape.”

Identify the Spiritual Laws in action.

Globes of Energy

“You’ll see things; you’ll gain wisdom. Sometimes you go to Temples of Golden Wisdom. Sometimes an ECK Master will be teaching you in the dream state, giving you spiritual exercises. These exercises can help you travel further into the dream worlds or get deeper insights into the secret laws of life.”
– Harold Klemp, The Spiritual Laws of Life, p. 118 

Weeks ago, Joy attended a class by Rebazar Tarzs in one of the Golden Wisdom Temples. He posed the class this question, “What is karma?” No one answered. Joy was busy talking to herself in her head.  In this inner conversation, she heard herself say, “Isn’t it a well-known fact that karma is a product of ignorance?”

Without waiting or expecting answers to his question, Rebazar Tarzs proceeded. “We are surrounded by orbs or globes of energy. They swirl around us.  When we put our attention on a globe or an orb of energy we are drawn into it and karma is thus created.”

Joy thought, “Wow this is something new to me!”  Days passed and she was still mulling over what Rebazar Tarzs had said. “This is going to scare people from getting involved with life,” she thought. But she knew deep in her heart that his words were multi-faceted and only love could decipher the wisdom of his sacred words.

Feeling there was more to his words, Joy pondered his sacred message during her daily contemplation. One morning while Joy was sending the song, ‘What A Wonderful World’, to some ‘chat group’ friends that missing piece of puzzle whizzed into her awareness.

That missing puzzle was a daily morning declaration which goes like this, “I declare that I am a pure channel for the SUGMAD, the ECK and the Mahanta. All my thoughts, words and deed are done in the name of the Mahanta.”

Sri Harold writes in the book, ‘The Spiritual Exercises for the Shariyat Book 1’, when we make this declaration, all our actions and decisions have their nucleus in the will of God.

Joy now understood why the Mahanta encourages ECKists to do this daily declaration as this is the tool of freedom for them to step into globes of energy without fear of being loaded with karma. Divine Spirit had poured Its wisdom into her pure space of beingness!

Actually, for a long time Joy had also harboured a curiosity about the declaration and had often asked Wah Z how it worked because she had wanted to do the declaration with her heart and not in an unfeeling robotic manner. And the answer to this query came much later. It came from her encounter with Rebazar Tarzs because she was now ready to grasp the full meaning of his sacred message. In God’s time, everything falls in the most sacred spot.

With the gift of realization on many levels, Joy felt the fire in her re-ignite. She feels more than alive today. She feels radiant! She feels free!

The Ice-Cream That Got Away

Janice stepped out of the museum, her curiosity about the wonders of the natural world satiated for the time being. The afternoon of exploration had however left her a little hungry. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted an ice cream truck parked right by the main road. Images of swirls of soft creamy ice cream on a crisp cone teased her mind. She couldn’t wait to get to it!

On a nudge, she looked at her watch and realised she would be late for her dinner appointment if she didn’t make a run for the Metro train. She was torn now. Should she give in to her craving or heed the divinely guided nudge to do what was right and head straightaway to the train station?

The ice cream cone won. She convinced herself she would have enough time. She walked quickly to the truck. Excitedly, she ordered a blue raspberry dipped cone. Whilst waiting, she drifted into a daydream of sharing with her friend a picture of this pretty blue ice cream delight. The colour blue has a special significance to them.

She was startled out of her happy thoughts by the movement of the truck. Her first thought was the ice cream man was re-parking his truck. But when the truck started speeding away, she realised with a sinking feeling that on his tail was a police car. There goes her dream cone….

She had not noticed but by the side of the road stood a lady observing with amusement the whole scenario. She walked up to her and she told Janice it was a regular happening. The ice-cream truck would make a quick getaway and return when the coast was clear. He’d be back in about half an hour. She didn’t have the luxury of time so she decided to take her leave.

Just then, Janice caught sight of the word ‘compliance’ on her lanyard. She laughed to herself or rather at herself. A waking dream? Yes, and its message loud and clear; you can’t escape from the spiritual laws. More specifically, in choosing to indulge in her craving for ice cream at the expense of being on time, she was breaking the spiritual law of discrimination.

One aspect of the law of discrimination is making the right choices, one that leads to spiritual advancement instead of wasting time. You can bet Janice wasted no time in making her way to her agreed destination for the evening.

In the ECK Satsang Discourses, Fourth Series, Sri Harold writes, “It requires a high level of discrimination to avoid breaking the spiritual law.”

Spiritual Guides

Have you ever wondered if spiritual guides or guardian angels that are often spoken about truly exist?

Many people have the blessed experience of having true spiritual masters appearing to them and guiding them in times of need. The ECK Masters or the Adepts of the Vairagi are teachers who had gone on the journey and are here to help Souls on the path to greater love, truth, wisdom and freedom.

Kata Daki  – A female ECK Master whose true age is beyond belief, she appears to be in her mid twenties to early thirties. Her pet project is to help people get back on their feet during hardship.

Lai Tsi – A Chinese ECK Master who is the guardian of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad on the Saguna Lok, the Etheric plane, at the Temple of Golden Wisdom in the city of Arhirit.

Rebazar Tarz – Said to be over five hundred years old, Rebazar Tarz, a Tibetan ECK Master, lives in a hut in the Hindu Kush mountains and appears to many to help them in their daily lives.

Wah Z – The spiritual name of Sri Harold Klemp, the Living ECK Master who was given the Rod of ECK Power of the Mahanta at midnight, October 22, 1981, in the Valley of Shangta at the Oracle of Tirmer.

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