Spiritual Disconnect in Daily Life

One night, several weeks ago, Danny kept his appointment to meet at the Temple of Gare-Hira in the Hindu Kush Mountains for his inner Satsang. Together with Wah Z and some of the chelas who had arrived early, they waited for the rest to make their appearance at the temple entrance.

Danny sensed a luminous shroud beside him and realized they were the chelas in their Soul bodies. They all looked like a bunch of fire flies fluttering at the entrance. He was fascinated by their radiant shine which had a calming effect on him.

When all the chelas had arrived, Wah Z brought them into the temple. Danny gasped at the enormity of the garguantan round interior with a ceiling whose height surpassed any he had ever seen before! The architectural brilliance entranced him while its sacred aura enveloped him completely.

Before he could fully immerse himself in that blissful ambience, they were led to another huge room with tiered seating which faced a raised platform. Wah Z took a seat there and was soon joined by Yaubl Sacabi, the ECK Master, who is guardian and teacher at the Temple of Gare-Hira.

Danny couldn’t hear anything during that entire session but he could feel a wonderful fluttery sensation inside of him.  The next thing he recalled was standing on a very narrow ledge by a mountainside with Yaubl Sacabi. Despite the precarious situation he was in, Danny wasn’t scared. He just asked the Master with childlike curiosity why he had brought him there. He replied benevolently, “Just one wrong step and you will plunge to your death.”

Danny knew instinctively what he meant. Just break one rule in the Four Zoas* and we get disconnected from the Mahanta, the ECK and Sugmad. The experience ended abruptly.

Although the experience may have ended, the nuggets Danny mined during contemplation from that encounter are precious. Standing on that precarious ledge that day with Yaubl Sacabi he had a wider or ‘bird’s eye’ view of things. He had understood truths from Soul’s perspective that were previously unknown and inaccessible to him. Most significant was the one about the damage we do to ourselves when we are cut off from the Light and Sound of God.

*The Four Zoas, guiding principles for initiates of the Fifth circle, include:

(I) The Mahdis shall not use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs; gamble; or be gluttonous in any way. No Mahdis shall be existent on the animal level. He is a leader, and he must fix his attention above the psychology of the brute.

(II) The Mahdis shall not speak with the tongue of vanity or deceit, or unhappiness, criticize the action of others, blame others for wrongdoings, quarrel, fight, or inflict injury. He shall at all times be respectful and courteous to his fellow man and show great compassion and happiness.

(III) The Mahdis shall have humility, love, and freedom from all bonds of creeds. He shall be free from the laws of karma which snare him with boastfulness and vanity. He shall have love for all people and all creatures of the Sugmad.

(IV) The Mahdis must preach the message of ECK at all times, and prove to the world that he is an example of purity and happiness. He must show that the disciple in the human body must have a Master in the human body.”

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