Make Your Personal Effort First

Emma bought an amaryllis plant with a single bloom from Holland about 10 years ago. That single flower was the only one she witnessed for the years to come. She tried all kinds of ways to coax the plant to bloom, like dutifully watering the plant, adding fertilizers, moving the pot to a shadier spot in the garden. But all her efforts were futile. She even left the bulbs in a plastic bag in the fridge to hibernate. Nothing worked. They just kept on liberally putting forth green spears!

Did Emma give up? Well, no. She persisted in lovingly coaxing them to bloom. Finally, after 10 long years of care and attention, the first bud burst forth. A gardener’s joy is hard to describe!

7 more blooms are on the way. Emma is in heaven now! That humble bulb has transformed into a glorious array of blooms! Now, she has a new found respect for her plant, a feeling she hopes it senses.


This is the Law of Grace at work! The Law of Grace does not merely come to us because we ask. “It does in a way, but first we must earn it. We must make at least some effort before the grace of God comes to us” like Emma’s perseverance with the amaryllis plant.

The Law of Grace is To be in accord with the ways of Sugmad for making each a divine channel, through working in the area of non-attachment mainly through the discipline of emotions.”


Nathan gleaned these 4 main points from his understanding of the Law of Grace.

1. Grace of the Sugmad (God) involves sending Soul down to creation & returning Soul back to Sugmad (God). Divine love can be soft love or tough love.

2. In the lower worlds, grace is seen in helping Souls reach Self-Realization through non-attachment to emotions and mindset, which would help to clear karma and help make one’s life easier.

3. In the higher spiritual worlds, grace is seen as helping Soul achieve God-Realization by Its connection to God.  Soul has to put in effort by shedding further blockages in its consciousness.

4. At the last hurdle of God-Realization, grace is granted by the Sugmad (God), independent of Soul’s effort. Put in another way, Soul cannot affect Sugmad’s (God’s) grace.




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