Spiritual Guides

Have you ever wondered if spiritual guides or guardian angels that are often spoken about truly exist?

Many people have the blessed experience of having true spiritual masters appearing to them and guiding them in times of need. The ECK Masters or the Adepts of the Vairagi are teachers who had gone on the journey and are here to help Souls on the path to greater love, truth, wisdom and freedom.

Kata Daki  – A female ECK Master whose true age is beyond belief, she appears to be in her mid twenties to early thirties. Her pet project is to help people get back on their feet during hardship.

Lai Tsi – A Chinese ECK Master who is the guardian of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad on the Saguna Lok, the Etheric plane, at the Temple of Golden Wisdom in the city of Arhirit.

Rebazar Tarz – Said to be over five hundred years old, Rebazar Tarz, a Tibetan ECK Master, lives in a hut in the Hindu Kush mountains and appears to many to help them in their daily lives.

Wah Z – The spiritual name of Sri Harold Klemp, the Living ECK Master who was given the Rod of ECK Power of the Mahanta at midnight, October 22, 1981, in the Valley of Shangta at the Oracle of Tirmer.

Read more about how these spiritual teachers have given divine love and inner guidance through the many stories in this blog.



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