Changing Our Lives from Soul’s Viewpoint

Lightly place your attention upon a situation in your life, then put your viewpoint as Soul above the situation. Look down on everything going on below as if it were a chess game – even though it might be in your imagination. You can look at a situation anywhere in the world from this viewpoint.

As you are gazing upon it, change the situation by simply rearranging your place on the chessboard. It’s a successful device, and those who use it often make great changes around themselves.

What if we reached a ‘checkmate’ situation in our life?


Law of Change                                                                                                            This is a world of change. In fact, even this universe plus so many heavens that lie above this physical one are in a constant swirl of change. Change is the unchanging law for the worlds of change.

– The Spiritual Laws of Life by Harold Klemp, p. 5 & 6

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