Globes of Energy

“You’ll see things; you’ll gain wisdom. Sometimes you go to Temples of Golden Wisdom. Sometimes an ECK Master will be teaching you in the dream state, giving you spiritual exercises. These exercises can help you travel further into the dream worlds or get deeper insights into the secret laws of life.”
– Harold Klemp, The Spiritual Laws of Life, p. 118 

Weeks ago, Joy attended a class by Rebazar Tarzs in one of the Golden Wisdom Temples. He posed the class this question, “What is karma?” No one answered. Joy was busy talking to herself in her head.  In this inner conversation, she heard herself say, “Isn’t it a well-known fact that karma is a product of ignorance?”

Without waiting or expecting answers to his question, Rebazar Tarzs proceeded. “We are surrounded by orbs or globes of energy. They swirl around us.  When we put our attention on a globe or an orb of energy we are drawn into it and karma is thus created.”

Joy thought, “Wow this is something new to me!”  Days passed and she was still mulling over what Rebazar Tarzs had said. “This is going to scare people from getting involved with life,” she thought. But she knew deep in her heart that his words were multi-faceted and only love could decipher the wisdom of his sacred words.

Feeling there was more to his words, Joy pondered his sacred message during her daily contemplation. One morning while Joy was sending the song, ‘What A Wonderful World’, to some ‘chat group’ friends that missing piece of puzzle whizzed into her awareness.

That missing puzzle was a daily morning declaration which goes like this, “I declare that I am a pure channel for the SUGMAD, the ECK and the Mahanta. All my thoughts, words and deed are done in the name of the Mahanta.”

Sri Harold writes in the book, ‘The Spiritual Exercises for the Shariyat Book 1’, when we make this declaration, all our actions and decisions have their nucleus in the will of God.

Joy now understood why the Mahanta encourages ECKists to do this daily declaration as this is the tool of freedom for them to step into globes of energy without fear of being loaded with karma. Divine Spirit had poured Its wisdom into her pure space of beingness!

Actually, for a long time Joy had also harboured a curiosity about the declaration and had often asked Wah Z how it worked because she had wanted to do the declaration with her heart and not in an unfeeling robotic manner. And the answer to this query came much later. It came from her encounter with Rebazar Tarzs because she was now ready to grasp the full meaning of his sacred message. In God’s time, everything falls in the most sacred spot.

With the gift of realization on many levels, Joy felt the fire in her re-ignite. She feels more than alive today. She feels radiant! She feels free!

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