Choice to Grow or Degenerate in Life?

Reading ‘The Spiritual Laws of Life’ is easy.  Layla has no problem with the English language. However, she finds herself facing a blank wall when it comes to understanding. Reading them umpteen times did not bring her closer to even a small degree of enlightenment. So Layla accepted that she wasn’t ready to understand these lofty spiritual laws but she was hopeful that understanding will dawn on her with the exercise of patience.

And it did! As she sat in class, patiently listening to her group members’ honest and sincere views, queries and confusion of what they had read, Layla’s spiritual eye opened. She saw two spiritual laws interweaving and working smoothly together in an episode in a past life several hundred years ago.

In that past life she was left without roof and penny by a ‘womanizer’ husband. To add to the gravity of the situation, it was mid-autumn with winter beckoning. Feeling a sense of hopelessness and helplessness, Layla contemplated suicide.  Standing at the bank of a lake, she began to form a mental image of wading into the deep end and drowning.  As depressed as she was, Layla suddenly burst into laughter with tears of joy rolling down her cheeks.  A little white dog had gone under her long skirt and started licking her ankles with relish. She shooed it away.  It then went away completely pleased with what it had done.

The laughter and joy had shifted Layla’s depressed consciousness to one of hope and courage. Layla changed her mind in that instant and decided to use her skills in housekeeping to support herself.

Reviewing this episode, Layla saw the Law of God at work followed closely on Its heel by the Law of Grace.

The Law of God states that Soul exists because God loves It.  In this law, Soul, was to cooperate with the laws of God. Thus instantly Layla was embraced by the Law of Grace, which lifted her from the negative consciousness of suicide to the consciousness of hope, delivered by the little white dog.  A most unexpected channel of the Divine! Lifted to a spiritual state of consciousness, Layla was granted free will. This free will was like a blank page with a single yet simple question: How do you want to write your story from here?

Here, Layla was presented with the choice of going back to wallow in self pity or to follow the higher state of spiritual consciousness of hope and courage.

Days passed after this gift of insight of the workings of these two spiritual laws in this long ago episode. From experience, Layla knew this meant that there is more to this insight.

A month before this insight, she had been reading up on the Law of Life.  Three things had lighted up for her.


First, it says : Knowing these laws, we can then make our own life easier. 

Second is: It is the law of all life to either progress or degenerate. 

Lastly, it states: The Law of Life, or in a simpler term the Law of Realization, is that certain principle within each man which reverses itself when man makes an effort to know God.


So what has Layla realized?  She realized that there is always free will no matter how desperate a karmic state Soul is in.  There comes a point where God presents Soul with a blank page. This means the progress or degeneration of the person’s life is solely in her hands.  Soul holds full responsibility and no one else. Not even God!

This realization and insight of how these spiritual laws work, have increased Layla’s courage to dream of a life filled with possibilities and opportunities for growth even as she waltz into her twilight age.

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