Laws of Wisdom

The laws that speak of divine power and how it manifests in the universe

  1. Law of Causation 

    “The wheel of life, which is a factor in the human and spiritual cycles of lives; karma.”

  2. Law of Change

    “Conditions in the worlds of time and space will always change at some point; there is no stability here.”  

  3. Law of Consciousness

    “The recognition, or realization, of the beingness of self or thing in thought, which manifests external life and form.” 

  4. Five Spiritual Laws of This World

    “These are just five of the many spiritual laws of this world. They are important especially when looking at political and religious fields.

    (1) The beginning of human life is when breath comes into the fetus.

    (2) Love is the first and great commandment; also called the rule of spiritual law: love God, love your neighbour, and love yourself.

    (3) Work for your food. This deals with the welfare system and our responsibility to make our own way as much as we can in this world.

    (4) Give tribute to God and Caesar. This relates to our duty to the government regarding taxes.

    (5) Reward the laborer. This is about the government’s duty to the people.”

  5. Law of Fixidity

    “A law that governs the dominion of the Kal Niranjan giving the appearance of completeness, spaciousness, and accommodation yet beset with numberless restrictions not perceived by anyone except the Spiritual Traveler.”

  6. Law of God

    “This supreme law speaks to the heart, for it tells of the relationship between the Sugmad (God) and Soul. That law is love. It gives each person an answer to the ancient riddle of life: What is my purpose here?”

  7. Law of Grace

    “To be in accord with the ways of the Sugmad for making each a divine channel, through working in the area of nonattachment mainly through discipline of the emotions.”

  8. Law of HU

    “The first law of the physical universe. Spirit is the all-penetrating power which is the forming power of the universes of HU, the Voice of HU (God).”

  9. Law of Life


    “This is the Law of Life, in that nothing is available unless you first obtain wisdom through the treasures stored within thyself. These in turn can be shared abundantly with others, bringing them happiness.”

  10. Law of Mksha

    “Life is only Spirit, and being spirit it has nothing… The understanding of this points out clearly that it has only intelligence with the peculiar ability to perceive, penetrate, survive, have causation, specialisation, creativeness, beauty, love, and ethics.”

  11. Laws of the Physical Universe

    “The Book of Laws; seven fundamental laws that govern the physical universe through Spirit: Law of Attitudes, Law of Facsimiles, Law of HU, Law of Polarity, Law of Soul, Law of Unity, and Law of Vibrations.

  12. Law of Self

    “You, yourself, are your own problem,” he says. “You must understand and act to solve the mystery of thy little self before you can solve the mystery of God.”

  13.  Law of Soul

    “Always remember that you are Soul. In that state of consciousness you can get unlimited help from the Mahanta.”

  14.  Law of Spirit

    “This Spirit, the Voice of HU – HU is often known as the Sugmad – which is the true name of God in the upper realms, has one great quality and that is to create effect… It needs distributors, and It works through Souls.”

  15. Law of Spiritual Evolution

    “Presupposes inequality in all things and beings and their continued effort for self-improvement in life.” 

  16. Law of Spiritual Nonperfection

    “No one ever becomes a perfect being; there is always one more step in God’s plan of conscious evolution.”

  17. Law of Strength

    “Only the strong can stand the true love of God.”

  18. Law of Survival

    “Each must take care of himself by earning his own way in society; Soul must keep growing.”

  19. Three Basic Principles of Eckankar

    “First, Soul is eternal; It has no beginning or end. Second, whosoever travels the high path of ECK dwells in the spiritual planes. Third, Soul always lives in the present; It has no past and no future.”

    Note: All quotes cited in this article are taken from ‘A Cosmic Sea of Words: The ECKANKAR Lexicon’ by Harold Klemp

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