Lesson in Detachment and Discrimination

Jamie was at ECK Master Gopal Das’ class on Wednesday night. When the class started she found she couldn’t focus on what Gopal Das was saying. Instead, (and she thought she was imagining), she saw herself at a shopping mall, walking out of the restroom. A big pot-bellied man with a little white girl was walking towards her. He was holding her hand and leading that sobbing girl to the toilet. The pot-bellied man and the girl looked so mismatched that Jamie felt suspicious.

Obeying an inner nudge, she approached the man and asked if he was related to the girl, and where he was taking her. Turning to the girl, Jamie asked if she knew that man. Jamie fired question after question at him in rapid succession, giving the man no chance to talk. A crowd began to gather around the three of them. Finally, Jamie stopped her interrogation and waited for him to answer. He mumbled some weak answer and then tried to run from the scene.

From then on, the inner experience became violent. The men in the crowd descended on the ‘child predator’ and beat him up violently. Blood was splattered everywhere. The man was screaming and begging for mercy. Jamie hugged the little girl close to her as if to shield her from the magnitude of the appalling attack and bloodshed.

At that point, her mind kicked in. It screamed, “Get out of this experience, why on earth did you imagine such an awful thing. Stop it!” Jamie tried to switch off but couldn’t. Something made her turn to her right. Wah Z was standing beside her. He said, “His injury is equal to the force of his evil intention. He is paying for the karma of his dark intention and the karma his young victims are carrying from his evil deeds. He violated them and destroyed their lives.”

The experience ended here. Jamie ran the horrifying experience in her head over and over trying to understand the whys and the wherefores of it. Then she fell asleep and when woke up at close to 6am the next morning, the experience was still running in her head! She got out of bed and settled down on the sofa and sang HU, while still actively looking through the experience.

Suddenly, as if the wind had swept the psychic haze aside, Jamie became aware of the golden gems that lay embedded in that seemingly brutal and painful encounter.

One gem that crystallized from that intensely sombre inner experience was that Wah Z was completely unfazed by the violence of the scene. He was there fully conscious of the ugliness and darkness of the beating and yet he was not in it.

Another gem Jamie collected was that Wah Z was neither cold nor unfeeling. He did not encourage the beating like those who were watching. Neither did he squirm as Jamie and some others did at the violence that was portrayed. His space was clear and clean. As quickly as Jamie realized this, Wah Z imparted the most precious gem of all. He said, “To be detached, you need to have a true understanding of the spiritual laws of life.”


“Detachment is something we know about in the spiritual life. It doesn’t mean not to get involved; it means to not let outer circumstances throw off your inner balance.” – Harold Klemp, Spiritual Laws of Life, p. 83

“With a discrimination given by the Inner Master, which is part of the Law of Economy, you learn to put aside the unnecessary and deal only with the tasks worthy of your time and energy.” – Harold Klemp, Spiritual Laws of Life, p. 96-97


It also dawned on Jamie that the inner satsang is not always delivered in a classroom setting. It is delivered in ways where the essence of truth can be best tapped by Soul for Its liberation.

One thought on “Lesson in Detachment and Discrimination

  1. Beautiful experience of Jaime.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I personally find that to live a happy life with love and service, I need to be the best I can when given a task or responsibility, and to surrender myself to the Divine. And also be grateful for everything that comes my way. By doing this, I am living in a state of detachment. This is spiritual freedom to me.


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