The Cow Herder

A saint was travelling from one place to another and stopped near a big tree to meditate. While he was meditating, a cow herder came with his cows. The cow herder wanted someone to look after the cows so he can go somewhere to finish what he had wanted to do. The cow herder asked the saint if he would look after his cows for a few hours. The Saint was in deep meditation, and did not reply to the cow herder. However, the cow herder went away thinking that the saint had heard him.

In a few hours, the cow herder returned and found that his cows were missing. He asked the saint, “Where are my cows? What did you do with them?” The saint was still in meditation and did not reply. He started wondering. “Where could they be?” Since the saint did not reply, the cow herder searched for them everywhere in the valley but could not find them.

He came back to where the saint was and to his amazement, his cows were there standing near the saint. The saint was still meditating. The cow herder got very angry at the saint because he thought that the saint was hiding the cows. So the cow herder got out his rope and was about to whip the saint with it. Just then a Wiseman who happened to be there held the rope.

“Can’t you see that the saint is in deep meditation”, said the Wiseman.

“But he tricked me!” said the cow herder. The Wiseman replied, “He is a spark of God. He does not care for your cows. He was in meditation and did not hear you. He did not do anything to your cows. You would have gotten bad karmas for thinking of hurting him.”

There was no response by the cow herder. He realized that he had made a mistake. The cow herder apologized to the saint and went away silently. The Wiseman went on his way. The Wiseman was happy that he could stop the saint from suffering. The saint didn’t have any adverse feelings towards the cow herder because he held no anger towards anyone.

We should not make hasty decisions because our opinions can be wrong. We should, also, not hurt anyone, and should observe forgiveness instead of anger. This way we can stop new karma from coming into our journey of life.

Can you perceive the Spiritual Laws in operation here?

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