Golden Keys from Kata Daki

Dalia had a busy Tuesday. Despite the flurry of activities, the nudge to attend Kata Daki’s class at the Temple of ECK in Chanhassen at 11pm, fleeted in and out of her mind. Looking at her schedule, Dalia did not feel confident about making it to this inner Satsang on the Law of Destiny.  Incredibly, her evening schedule was changed. Dinner with a friend from out of town was cancelled. So by 9pm Dalia was as free as a bird in the sky.  Propping her pillow against the headboard of her bed, she settled in and began to re-read the excerpts in the Law of Destiny in the book, The Spiritual Laws of Life.

Dalia had read up on this spiritual law the previous night, but as she was very tired, nothing much registered. Her attention was dismally in short supply.  But that Tuesday night was different. Unusually energetic and alert, her attention was as sharp as a surgeon’s scalpel. She understood much of what she had read. But something felt sorely missing. It was the essence that would unclip her wings to let her soar. She re-read the excerpts several more times with the hope that she could tap the nectar of truth.

By 10.45pm she gave up hope and made preparations to attend the inner class. Sitting in tailor-fashion with her legs comfortably tucked in, Dalia began to sing HU.  In no time she found herself in the Chanhassen Temple lobby. It was quiet and peaceful and there was no one in sight. She was nudged to go downstairs. Very mindfully, she walked down the stairs and just as she took the last step, Wah Z zipped by a passageway on the left of the stairs.  He was very upbeat and all smiles and greeted Dalia cheerily. Together, they walked to class.

At class, Kata Daki had already taken her seat on the floor, while the 20 chelas were settling down to sit on the plush, warm carpet that was laid from wall to wall. Kata Daki and Wah Z sat facing the chelas who were seated in two semi-circular rows.

Kata Daki opened the class with a question. She asked, “What is destiny?”  There was silence.  Seated at the left end of the second row, Dalia ventured an answer. “Destiny is a journey of experiences.”  Right away she knew she didn’t get it right. For there was no feeling of epiphany in her being.

But something else happened.  Kata Daki’s question brought out the bull dog in her.  Her question was like a bone that Dalia had bit on and refused to let go.  Her whole attention was wrapped so intensely around it that nothing else could get in. At that point she fell asleep and had no recollection of what went on in class. After sometime, she began to stir in her physical consciousness. Just before waking up, Dalia was aware that the inner satsang was drawing to a close. As she gently returned to her physical body, she heard very clearly Kata Daki’s parting words to the class. She said, “Destiny is a journey. It ends when Soul meets The Mahanta, The Living ECK Master.”

Fully back in her physical body, her eyes shot wide open.  She checked the bedside clock which then read 11.35pm. She repeated Kata Daki’s words over and over again, afraid that she would forget.  She felt incredibly happy. Her heart was dancing and singing and it felt like shimmering and glittering silver confetti was raining down on her to celebrate the unclipping of her wings. Dalia felt rejuvenated in spirit and emboldened to continue her dance into the heart of Sugmad.

The joy in her heart did not permit her to sleep. So she got out of bed to capture the experience in words. By the time she had finished writing and contemplating, it was three in the morning. Reviewing the experience, she wondered what had triggered her to want to attend this class so much. Suddenly, it dawned on her that it was the last excerpt in the Law of Destiny in which the ECK Master, Paul Twitchell, said:

“Once an individual make a commitment to hold true to the teachings of ECK and follow the words of the Living ECK Master, it is a sure thing he will see his outer life run in new directions. The Law of Destiny, which has dictated the direction of his life to this point, is dismantled. The power is taken from the mechanism. A whole new chapter is begun when the Master turns the page in the Book of Life. Whatever is expected when one begins an earnest study in ECK,  it is certain that the love of the Sound Current is smoldering in the center of the spirit.”

                                   – The ECK Satsang Discourses, Third Series, lesson 6

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