Laws of Freedom

The practical laws that afford a smoother passage through everyday life

1.  Law of Assumption

“It is only by living each moment in the assumption of one’s divinity that an individual can bring his spiritual potential into the world.”

2. Law of Attitudes

“The fifth law of the physical universe, or Law of the States of Being; the power of imagination rules over will in the actions in this universe.”

3. Law of Balance 

“The stability which lies in the Godhead: all is completely in balance in God’s universal body. The principle of unity, or oneness, but in the lower worlds this unity is simulated by the interchange between the pairs of opposites.”

4. Connecting Diamonds 

“Events are like diamonds. Invisible lines connect them, a part of divine plan. The God lover learns to see and follow these lines, for they smooth his way. They lead over the holy ground. It is there that the Holy Spirit does the wonders that help an individual do what he cannot do alone. It shields him. Its love and mercy are the grace that put joy and goodness into everyday life.”

5. Law of Destiny

“Soul comes into the world to accomplish an assortment of tasks; these assignments taken as a whole make up Its destiny.”

6. Detachment

“Vairag, one of the five virtues and remedy for moha, attachment. Giving up strong affection for the environment and possessions, but not ceasing to identify with them; becoming independent of them; mentally free from love of the world and all worldly desires.”

7. Discrimination

“Viveka, one of the five virtues, is the ability to make right judgments; the recognition that there is no good nor evil, no beauty nor ugliness, no sin, and that these are concepts of the mind, the dual forces in the matter worlds; to distinguish between those actions which contribute to spiritual growth and those which are a waste of time. The remedy for self-indulgence, kama.”

8. Law of Economy

“Using our resources to the fullest, no matter what thought we have or what action we take, it results in the most productive deed we can do as Soul learning to become a Co-worker with God.”

9. Law of Facsimiles

“The sixth law of the physical universe, that all effects in life about by the thoughts and pictures in the mind of the individual.”

10. Invisible Laws

Seven principles of consciousness – appreciation, sincerity, unselfishness, idealism, devotion, personal effort, and attainment.”

11. Law of Karma

“The Law of Cause and Effect, action and reaction, justice , retribution, and reward, which applies to the lower or psychic worlds: the Physical, Astral, Causal, Mental, and Etheric Planes; a facet of the Law of Love, purifies people by holding them responsible for their thoughts and deeds, both to themselves and others; the Law of Universal Compensation which is under the Law of Vibrations; inflow and outflow; a matter of vibrations; one of the twelve laws by which the universes are sustained.”

12. Laws of Nature

“The laws of the negative power; the laws of the physical universe; the natural laws.”

13. Law of Polarity

“The law of Opposites. The third law of the physical universe; the state of opposition between any two related factors; yin and yang (negative and positive), feminine and masculine; the negative, or reactive, side  and the positive, or active, side; the third part is the passive, or middle path; each thing within the universe is supported , animated, maintained by, and in opposition to the opposite.”

14. Law of Progression (or Unfoldment)

“Soul is inevitably bound to become a Co-worker with God, It means going through all the steps that lead to this. To teach Soul how to give and receive divine love.”

15. Law of Spiritual Protection

“Follows the principle of “Speak not; harm not those who are the bearers of Light, for harm will come to him who does.” The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master offers spiritual protection to all followers of ECK.”

16. Law of Resonance

“Each initiation opens the gate to certain regions of the corresponding plane and new levels of consciousness.”

17. Law of Reversed Effort

“The functioning of the imagination by negation which draws into the external that which one is trying to avoid.”

18. Law of Spiritual Growth

“Truth has to be continually rediscovered, reformed, and transformed; the same truth has to be experienced in ever new forms.”

19. Law of Unity

“The seventh law of the physical universe; thinking in the whole instead of the parts.”

20. Law of Vibrations

“The fourth law of the physical universe which governs all the influences such as wavelengths, outflows, inflows, cause and effect, and the harmonics of the movement of sound.”





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