Giving to the World the Highest Vibrations

The last Friday of January, Sally attended Rebazar Tarzs’ class. That night, the class was held outside the Master’s hut.  After taking her place on the uneven ground, Sally looked around and was pleasantly surprised to see a super-luminous giant moon hanging in the sky. It was golden yellow and so breathtakingly beautiful. Sally turned to look at the Master. Rebazar Tarzs smiled at her and said, “Beautiful, isn’t it?”  Sally smiled back and returned her attention to the moon. She just couldn’t tear her gaze away from the moon.

Soon her mind began to drift…  thoughts of the moon plague* prophesied in the ECK Vidya that would strike at the end of Kali Yuga came to her. Vivid images formed, frame by frame, like a horror movie in her mind’s screen. Sally imagined how terrified people would be of nightfall and the moon. These were disturbing, distracting thoughts and images! She looked at the moon and wondered how such an awesome phenomenon could become such a horror.

Rebazar Tarzs’ firm voice cut sharply into Sally’s train of thoughts. “Man will pollute the moon with his greed. This greed manifests as vibrations and returns to earth.”  In her mind’s eye, Sally saw that by the end of the Kali Yuga, many nations would have their own space programmes and all would go to the moon to plunder and rape the moon of her natural resources to bring back to earth. As man destroys the moon with the vibrations of greed, karma is incurred.

Upon waking from this inner experience, Sally contemplated further on what vibration means… our thoughts and feelings give out wavelengths from the invisible worlds and return to us as karma. It truly is the nature of the spiritual laws to act and respond upon our inner worlds, regardless of how aware we are of our own doings.

In the book The Spiritual Laws of Life, it is written:

The fourth law of this universe is the Law of Vibration, or Harmonics: This is the Law that governs all the influences upon Soul and body in this world, such as wavelengths, outflows from the planets, stars and heavenly bodies; music; sound; colour; and general harmonics. Under this principle falls karma, cause and effect and inflow and outflow. – Paul Twitchell, The Flute of God, chap. 7

*A passing reference to this can be found in The ECK Vidya, Ancient Science of Prophecy, pg.112

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