Clearing Karma in a Dream

Recently, Rob had a dream which involved a friend who had translated some time ago. They were good friends and had worked well together on a personal level as well as on Eckankar projects. In the dream, he did not actually see the friend, but had felt his strong presence. They were gathering all their old clothes and walking towards the rubbish dump to dispose of them there. He recalls standing by the dump looking at his clothes falling into an abyss as the darkness swallowed them. Then the dream ended abruptly.

The next morning as Rob sat in contemplation, he asked God what that dream meant. As he melted into the silence, he was surrounded by a blissful connection with the creator. Suddenly, as if a light had gone on in his head, the true message of that dream was divinely given to him.

The old clothes symbolize old habits and whatever karma was attached to them. Also, since Rob and his friend were doing the same thing (throwing away old clothes) together, it meant that they were shedding old habits that had held them captive. For Rob, this profound dream held great significance. It liberated him from being a trapped victim, emboldening him on the physical level to embrace the limitless possibilities of working as a Co-Worker with God.


“Karma accounts for those webs and ropes that keep us tied to very old relationships that have been going for centuries. We are so tied to others by karma before we come into ECK that we cannot make a move without leaning on someone else.

Once we come into ECK, these bands of karma begin to dissolve, and eventually they drop away. Only then can we stand on our own, with love. Our relationships and associations with other people are no longer based on the Law of Karma which says you are thrown together because you have to resolve this or that. Now we have the freedom to choose the people we want around us.” – Harold Klemp, Spiritual Laws of Life, p. 113-114


Rob was now ready to move out of his comfort zone, working with familiar people, into a wider circle where he could begin to work with new chelas in his ECK community to serve life. He felt a profound shift within himself from looking at life from the limited perspective of the little self to embracing the universal being that he is. This feeling of expansiveness completely bathed him in a sweet and gentle joy and his perception of himself and the world around him has deeply changed.

Dreams like this allow us to tap the richest jewels from the treasure house of Soul if we are in tune with Divine Spirit through our dedication to the Spiritual Exercises of ECK.


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