Practical Insights for Daily Life

‘Therefore, the ECKist is a realist, for he knows how to use the Law of Polarity.  When he has to use his consciousness in the psychic world, he is able to take advantage of the Law of Opposites.  But when he is in the world of the true Kingdom of God, then he is able to use the Law of Polarity for his own benefit through this conscious state.” – The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Bk 2, Chp 7

The above excerpt held Priscilla captive for days on end.  Her curiosity about using this Law of Polarity for her own benefit in a conscious state lingered in her attention every minute of her waking state. The curiosity was such that it wouldn’t step aside for anything else to enter her consciousness. Finally, one morning during contemplation, the fire of curiosity was quelled.

Sitting quietly in contemplation, Wah Z, the Mahanta, the Inner Master and Rebazar Tarz, the great Tibetan ECK Master, fleeted in and out of her attention. Priscilla said that she understands all that is written about this law – all the things about passive and active, feminine and masculine, day and night and so on. She asked in all honesty, “What I want to know is how this law operates at the grassroots level.   Because if I can’t see how it works in my mundane everyday life, I won’t be free of karma.”

The answer given astounded her.  “Talking and listening.”  The Masters continued, “Talking is active while listening is passive.  To know when to talk and when to listen will see you living free of karma.  We all know that too much talking or talking unnecessarily goes against the Law of Economy.  While a person who listens but refuses to speak up when it is time to talk, that is to flow with the Law of Polarity, incurs unnecessary karma.”

The gift of this grassroots truth instantly peeled off a layer of fear which had prevented Priscilla from participating fully in life.

The knowingness of when to talk and when to listen comes when we are in tune with the divinity within us. The fear of talking when one is supposed to shows a mistrust in the Light and Sound of ECK or the life force. It is in a way one of the passions of the mind, vanity, playing itself out. Vanity can either put us in an inactive state or an aggressive state.

The discipline of the spiritual exercises takes a person to the Seat of Soul so that she can move with the ebb and flow of the Law of Opposites.

This revelation again brought to Priscilla’s mind the words of Sri Harold Klemp, The Mahanta, The Living ECK Master, who said, “Knowing these laws, we can then make our own life easier.” – The Dream Master, Mahanta  Transcripts, Bk 8, Chp 8


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