Finding the Class in the Temple of Askleposis

Two months ago, Ivy went to Askleposis to attend a class on Five Spiritual Laws of this World by ECK Master Gopal Das.  To get there, she sat comfortably on her bed in tailor fashion (known as the lotus position to Buddhists), closed her eyes and sang HU as she gently placed her attention on her spiritual eye.  The spiritual eye is located between the eyes and close to the pineal glands in the head.

After a short HU chant, she found herself on the grounds of the Golden Temple of Wisdom at Askleposis.  Walking towards the Temple entrance, flanked by two imposing Roman columns, she realised she had no idea where the class was being held.  She chided herself for not checking with her classmates who are studying the spiritual laws under the guidance of ECK Master Gopal Das.  Climbing up the short flight of steps, she entered the temple.

Ivy was disheartened to find it empty.  There was not a Soul in sight!  What was she to do?   Then her earthly habit kicked in.  She cried out, “Hellooo! Anybody in?”  She waited.  Nobody came.  Wondering what to do next, she looked around.  On either side of the lobby, hugging the wall, two long flights of stairs wound upwards to the upper floor.  These two semicircular shaped stairs formed an alcove on the ground floor.   Beneath the alcove is a long narrow corridor.  There something caught her eye. Slightly off the center to the left stood a waist high rectangular table-like structure.

She walked over to it.  Instinct said it is an information counter like those found in shopping malls. However, this one is quite different.  There were no pictures or words to tap on for information.  There was just a simple line drawing of a hand on the screen.  Heeding her nudge, she placed her right hand on the line drawing.  To her surprise, her name appeared on the screen, followed by topic of class discussion, the name of ECK Master Gopal Das and lastly it stated: Straight down corridor on ground floor, 3rd room to the left.

Ivy was ecstatic!  And relieved too that she had not just located the class but also that she wasn’t late! Interestingly, she had been nudged to start her HU chant several minutes before the scheduled time of the class the night of this experience.

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