Spiritual Disconnect in Daily Life

One night, several weeks ago, Danny kept his appointment to meet at the Temple of Gare-Hira in the Hindu Kush Mountains for his inner Satsang. Together with Wah Z and some of the chelas who had arrived early, they waited for the rest to make their appearance at the temple entrance.

Danny sensed a luminous shroud beside him and realized they were the chelas in their Soul bodies. They all looked like a bunch of fire flies fluttering at the entrance. He was fascinated by their radiant shine which had a calming effect on him.

When all the chelas had arrived, Wah Z brought them into the temple. Danny gasped at the enormity of the garguantan round interior with a ceiling whose height surpassed any he had ever seen before! The architectural brilliance entranced him while its sacred aura enveloped him completely.

Before he could fully immerse himself in that blissful ambience, they were led to another huge room with tiered seating which faced a raised platform. Wah Z took a seat there and was soon joined by Yaubl Sacabi, the ECK Master, who is guardian and teacher at the Temple of Gare-Hira.

Danny couldn’t hear anything during that entire session but he could feel a wonderful fluttery sensation inside of him.  The next thing he recalled was standing on a very narrow ledge by a mountainside with Yaubl Sacabi. Despite the precarious situation he was in, Danny wasn’t scared. He just asked the Master with childlike curiosity why he had brought him there. He replied benevolently, “Just one wrong step and you will plunge to your death.”

Danny knew instinctively what he meant. Just break one rule in the Four Zoas* and we get disconnected from the Mahanta, the ECK and Sugmad. The experience ended abruptly.

Although the experience may have ended, the nuggets Danny mined during contemplation from that encounter are precious. Standing on that precarious ledge that day with Yaubl Sacabi he had a wider or ‘bird’s eye’ view of things. He had understood truths from Soul’s perspective that were previously unknown and inaccessible to him. Most significant was the one about the damage we do to ourselves when we are cut off from the Light and Sound of God.

*The Four Zoas, guiding principles for initiates of the Fifth circle, include:

(I) The Mahdis shall not use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs; gamble; or be gluttonous in any way. No Mahdis shall be existent on the animal level. He is a leader, and he must fix his attention above the psychology of the brute.

(II) The Mahdis shall not speak with the tongue of vanity or deceit, or unhappiness, criticize the action of others, blame others for wrongdoings, quarrel, fight, or inflict injury. He shall at all times be respectful and courteous to his fellow man and show great compassion and happiness.

(III) The Mahdis shall have humility, love, and freedom from all bonds of creeds. He shall be free from the laws of karma which snare him with boastfulness and vanity. He shall have love for all people and all creatures of the Sugmad.

(IV) The Mahdis must preach the message of ECK at all times, and prove to the world that he is an example of purity and happiness. He must show that the disciple in the human body must have a Master in the human body.”

Divine Whispers

When we embark on a journey in ECK, the God voice within, that natural connection with Divine Spirit, becomes heightened. This was so true for Kevin.

Kevin was addicted to smoking and gambling when he first became a member of Eckankar. He learnt from his reading of ECK books that the Mahanta will stay away from chelas who smoked. But try as he might, he could not stay away from cigarettes. However, that small voice within him, his personal barometer, now more distinct and unrelenting, urged him to persist in his quest.

With the help of the Spiritual Exercises of ECK and the great love of the Mahanta for Soul, Kevin finally succeeded in overcoming the temptation to light up a cigarette. But it was an uphill task when it came to gambling. Kevin was well aware of the negative consequences of gambling but he found it difficult to quell the impulse to join his friends for a game when invited. The invitations kept coming and Kevin kept yielding to this unhealthy desire.

Early one morning after a gambling session, Kevin drove home, parked his car and started walking back to his apartment. Hardly had he taken a few steps, than the light from the lamp-post above him flickered and went out. He thought it was just one of those things; light bulbs do get blown out you know.

About two weeks later, Kevin parked his car next to a lamp-post. He got out of the car and slammed the door shut. At that very instant, the light from the lamp-post above him went out. Not again! Kevin realised it was no longer ‘just a coincidence’. That night, Kevin contemplated the meaning of light bulbs being blown.

The insight he gained from Divine Spirit was that his spiritual life had dimmed as a result of gambling. This understanding helped him to let go of old patterns that no longer help him unite with Soul’s purpose. It was as if he had released a huge load, perhaps one that had been dragging him down for a very long time.

His dedication to the Spiritual Exercises of ECK and the love of the Mahanta helped him align to the Light and Sound. This Light and Sound is the divine life force which helped him disengage from his unhealthy addiction.

For Kevin this was a spiritual quantum leap which gave him the euphoric taste of spiritual liberation and his second initiation!

This conscious act of growing true to oneself is part of the sacred journey of becoming. All of this happens under the dynamic impulse of God’s love, empowering one from within, to heed the Spiritual Laws of life.

Revelations of the Heart

Story 1­­

Four pupils used to practice meditation.
These close friends vowed to each other to observe silence for seven days.

The first day passed well.
But as the evening progressed and the oil lamps became dim, one student couldn’t help himself.

“Attend to the lamps!” he shouted impatiently to an assistant.

His friend turned to him, surprised.
“You are not supposed to speak! Have you forgotten?”­­

The third friend piped up, “You fools! Why are you talking?”

“Hah, I’m the only one who’s kept silent!” exclaimed the last.

Story 2

The mystic’s dog loved his evening romp with his master. The dog would bound ahead to fetch a stick, then run back, wag his tail, and wait for the next game. On a particular evening, the Mystic invited one of his brightest students to join him – a boy so intelligent that he became troubled by the contradictions in the doctrine of their faith.

“You must understand,” said the teacher, “that words are only guideposts. Never let the words or symbols get in the way of truth. Here, I’ll show you.”

With that the teacher called his happy dog.

“Fetch me the moon,” he said to his dog and pointed to the full moon.

“Where is my dog looking?” asked the teacher of the bright pupil.

“He’s looking at your finger.”

“Exactly. Don’t be like the animal. Don’t confuse the pointing finger with the thing that is being pointed at. All our words are only guideposts. Every man fights his way through other men’s words to find his own truth.”

Story 3

A Mystic was visited by a perplexed Seeker who said to him, ‘I have only one question to ask. Why is it that, wherever I go, I always seem to get different pieces of advice from enlightened ones?’

The Mystic answered, ‘Come with me for a walk through this town, and we shall see what we can discover about this mystery.’

They went into the market-place, and the Mystic asked a fruit seller, ‘Tell me, what time is it?’

The fruit seller said, ‘It is Morning.’

They continued their walk. After some time the Mystic asked a tailor, ‘What time is it?’

The tailor answered, ‘It is midday.’

After spending more time in conversation and companionship with the Seeker, the Mystic approached another man, this time a bookkeeper. He asked him, ‘What time is it?’

The man replied, ‘It is now afternoon.’

The Mystic turned to his companion and said, ‘Do you want to continue the experiment, or are you now satisfied that virtually the same question can elicit totally different answers, all of them corresponding to the current state of truth?’

Which Spiritual Laws are enacted by the 3 stories? 

We are with God

Catherine, an accomplished mystic, used to pass a certain street every day on her way to the marketplace where she would shout the truth that she had attained. And for many days she had been watching another well-known mystic, Jeremiah, sitting before the door of the church and praying to God, “God, open the door! Please open the door! Let me in!”

She had laughed quietly to herself whenever she heard Jeremiah’s anguished pleas. But it was too much that day. Catherine could not tolerate it any more. Jeremiah was crying. Tears were rolling down his cheeks and he was shouting again and again, “Open the door! Let me in! Why don’t you listen? Why don’t you hear my prayers?” She went up to him. She shook Jeremiah, and said, “Stop all this nonsense! The door is open — in fact you are already in!”

Jeremiah looked at Catherine, and that moment became a moment of revelation. Looking deep into Catherine’s eyes, he bowed down, touched her feet, and said, “You came in time; otherwise I would have called my whole life! For years I have been doing this. Why didn’t you come to me earlier? I know you pass this street every day. You must have seen me crying and praying.”

Catherine said, “Yes, but truth can only be said at a certain moment, in a certain space, in a certain context. I was waiting for the right moment. Today it has arrived; hence I came close to you. Yesterday if I had told you, you would have felt irritated; you may even have become angry. You may have told me, ‘You have disturbed my prayer!’ — and it is not right to disturb anybody’s prayer. Even the king is not allowed to disturb the prayer of a beggar…”

“I had wanted to tell you for the longest time, ‘Jeremiah, don’t be a fool, the door is open — in fact, you are already in! But I had to wait for the right moment.’

Jeremiah had rediscovered the secret of the ages – that God is always with him, residing in the most sacred part of himself.

What are the spiritual laws at work here?


Giving to the World the Highest Vibrations

The last Friday of January, Sally attended Rebazar Tarzs’ class. That night, the class was held outside the Master’s hut.  After taking her place on the uneven ground, Sally looked around and was pleasantly surprised to see a super-luminous giant moon hanging in the sky. It was golden yellow and so breathtakingly beautiful. Sally turned to look at the Master. Rebazar Tarzs smiled at her and said, “Beautiful, isn’t it?”  Sally smiled back and returned her attention to the moon. She just couldn’t tear her gaze away from the moon.

Soon her mind began to drift…  thoughts of the moon plague* prophesied in the ECK Vidya that would strike at the end of Kali Yuga came to her. Vivid images formed, frame by frame, like a horror movie in her mind’s screen. Sally imagined how terrified people would be of nightfall and the moon. These were disturbing, distracting thoughts and images! She looked at the moon and wondered how such an awesome phenomenon could become such a horror.

Rebazar Tarzs’ firm voice cut sharply into Sally’s train of thoughts. “Man will pollute the moon with his greed. This greed manifests as vibrations and returns to earth.”  In her mind’s eye, Sally saw that by the end of the Kali Yuga, many nations would have their own space programmes and all would go to the moon to plunder and rape the moon of her natural resources to bring back to earth. As man destroys the moon with the vibrations of greed, karma is incurred.

Upon waking from this inner experience, Sally contemplated further on what vibration means… our thoughts and feelings give out wavelengths from the invisible worlds and return to us as karma. It truly is the nature of the spiritual laws to act and respond upon our inner worlds, regardless of how aware we are of our own doings.

In the book The Spiritual Laws of Life, it is written:

The fourth law of this universe is the Law of Vibration, or Harmonics: This is the Law that governs all the influences upon Soul and body in this world, such as wavelengths, outflows from the planets, stars and heavenly bodies; music; sound; colour; and general harmonics. Under this principle falls karma, cause and effect and inflow and outflow. – Paul Twitchell, The Flute of God, chap. 7

*A passing reference to this can be found in The ECK Vidya, Ancient Science of Prophecy, pg.112

Past Lives

In a village there were two friends. They would walk home together, every day from work. One was a sincere spiritual man and the other was an average man. The sincere friend asked, “Have you heard the news?! There is a seminar about the true man of God. I will not eat or drink until I meet the Guru!” He was certain about learning more about the Guru. The average friend wasn’t as determined, “Maybe I’ll just accompany you…”

The average friend told his wife, “Today I am going to attend a seminar about the Satguru with my friend.” His wife gave him some money, “Please give this as a donation. We don’t have much but we HAVE to give some offering to the Guru. The average man told his wife, “Don’t worry, the Guru will definitely get this offering.”

That day, after work the two friends met and went on their way to the seminar. On the way they came to a fork in the road. As they stood and wondered which way to go, a woman temptress tried to convince them.

“Don’t go that way. Come this way with me. We can go and gamble with your money. It will be fun! C’mon, you can buy me some alcohol.” The sincere friend was determined, “I don’t know about you but I’m going to the seminar!” The average friend wasn’t sure. The woman asked him, “Do you want to have fun? Here, have this cigarette. Your wife will never find out you’re with me! Let’s go! There’s so much we could do together!”

The average friend went with the woman and wasted all the money his wife had entrusted him for the Satguru on cigarettes, alcohol and gambling. When he came home, he lied to his wife. She asked him, “What was it like at the seminar?” He said, ” Oh yeah, the Guru… yeah, ya know it was really… blissful.. yeah…” She asked her husband, “Did you give our offering?” “What offering… oh the money! Right… sure, I did. Our family will be blessed with all kinds of good fortune…”

The sincere friend, on the other hand, had spent his time at the seminar and met devoted saintly people. He listened to the words of the Satguru who spoke with the voice of a gentle breeze. He prayed to the Satguru, ” Please accept me as your student and bless and guide me. Please receive my offering and use it to help the needy.” His spiritual fire was ignited and every day after that encounter, he spent some time each evening fanning the fire within him through contemplation and reading the words of the Guru.

His friend would spend his evenings in pursuit of material things, wine, woman and gambling. He lied to his wife and he wasted their savings. He was just slowly drifting along with the lazy, warm, comfortable current of the world.

One fine day, the average friend remarked, “You always spend your time listening to the Guru’s teaching and doing good deeds. I lie to my wife and I waste all my time not doing anything good. But neither of our lives have changed. You’re still the same you and I’m still the same me. So what does it matter if we do good or bad. Our lives are just the same anyway.” The sincere friend said, “Let us ask the Heavens this question! I’m sure we will get the right answer. We’ll meet back here, under this great old tree with our insights, if any.”

The next day, the average friend arrived first and while waiting, started doodling in the dirt with a stick. Sticking out of the dirt he found a GOLD PIECE! Frantically digging further, he found a jar and thought, “My lucky day!! Maybe there’s more gold in this jar!” But inside the jar there was just coal, “That’s disappointing… Well, at least I found one gold piece. I have a little GOOD LUCK!”

Just then, he spotted his friend in the distance. He was limping and his serene face was contorted in pain. Restraining the agony, he explained, “I was walking back from the Spiritual Centre and I slipped and my foot stepped right on a big thorn. It gouged into my foot… what BAD LUCK I have…”

Both of them were confused. They didn’t understand this answer from the Heavens. The one who did bad was rewarded with gold and the one who did good was rewarded with an injury. They both then agreed to ask the Satguru by writing to him for an explanation.

That night each received answers in separate dreams. The sincere friend had asked before falling asleep, “Guru ji, what is the message the Heavens is trying to tell us?”

Guru ji explained with deep wisdom, “In a past life, you were a thief and stole from many people. You told many lies and did many corrupt things. In this life, you were destined to be killed by a spike… BUT, in this life you have made so much spiritual progress, you have used your resources well and you have cleansed your being and heart with your spiritual studies. This has helped you burn your past live karma. Because of your search for truth, your karma has been reduced so much that instead of dying, all you received was a foot injury.”

The average man received his answer too. Guru ji described his past life.

“You were virtuous. You shared with others. Once you gave a holy man a piece of gold. Because of your devotion and sincerity, that gold coin multiplied many times. You were meant to come to a whole jar full of gold but because of your deeds in the present life the gold turned to coal. You received only that one gold piece you first gave.”

Both men were humbled and bowed down to the Guru in gratitude.

We all have karma. There is no good luck or bad luck. Everything has a price. Every action has a reaction. What we get in life is the result of our past actions. Do not waste your precious life.

Can you identify the following Spiritual Laws in this story?
1) The Law Of Danda
2) The Law of Dharma
3) The Law of Ethics
4) The Law of Creativity

My Teacher called Experience

A great saint, Minora, was dying. His chief disciple came close to him and asked softly, “Master, you are leaving us. One question has always been in in our minds. Who was your Master?. This has been a great curiosity among all your disciples because we have never heard you talk about your Master. But we could never gather courage to ask you.”

Minora opened his eyes and said, “It will be very difficult for me to answer because I have learned from almost everybody. The whole existence has been my Master. I have learned from every event that has happened in my life. And I am grateful to all that has happened because out of all that learning I have arrived.”

Minora  said, “Just to satisfy your curiosity I will give you three instances…


I was very thirsty and I was going towards the river carrying my begging bowl, the only possession I had. When I reached the river, a dog rushed past me, jumped into the river and started drinking.

I watched the dog for a moment, then threw away my begging bowl. A dog could do without it. I also jumped into the river, drank as much water as I wanted. My whole body was cool because I had jumped into the river. I sat in the river for a while longer. In my heart, I thanked the dog with deep reverence because he had taught me a lesson.

I had dropped everything, all possessions, but there was a certain clinging to my begging bowl. It was a beautiful bowl, very beautifully carved, and that I was always aware that somebody might steal it. Even in the night I used to put it under my head as a pillow so nobody could snatch it away. That was my last clinging. The dog helped. It was clear: if a dog can manage without a begging bowl, what more me? I am a man, why can’t I manage? That dog was one of my teachers.


I lost my way in a forest and by the time I reached the nearest village it was midnight. Everybody was fast asleep. I wandered all over town, until finally I found one man. I asked him ”Can you give me shelter for the night?”

The man said, “I can see from your attire that you are a mystic. I am perfectly willing, but I must tell you who I am. I am a thief. Would you like to be the guest of a thief?”

For a moment Minora hesitated. The thief said, ”You seem to be hesitant. The thief is willing but the mystic seems hesitant, as if the mystic is weaker than the thief. In fact, I should be afraid of you—you may transform my whole life! Inviting you means danger, but I am not afraid. You are welcome. Come to my home, eat, drink, go to sleep and stay as long as you want. I can manage for two persons. And it will be really beautiful to chit chat with you of great things. But you seem to be hesitant.

Minora became aware that it was true. He asked to be forgiven. He said, ”Yes, my rootedness in my own being is very weak. You are really a strong man and I would like to come to your home. And I would like to stay a little longer, not only for this night. I want to be stronger myself!”

The thief said, “Come on!” He fed the Mystic and gave him shelter. Now I will go. I have to do my own thing. I will come back early in the morning.” Early in the morning the thief came back. Minora asked “Have you been successful?”

The thief said, “No, not today, but I will see tomorrow.”

And this happened continuously, for thirty days: every night he went out, and every morning he came back empty-handed. But he was never sad, never frustrated –no sign of failure on his face, always happy—and he would say , ”It doesn’t matter. I tried my best, I could not find anything today again, but tomorrow I will try. And, If it is the will of God, it can happen tomorrow if it has not happened today.”

After one month Minora left, and for years he tried to realize the ultimate and it was always failure. But each time he decided to drop the whole project he remembered the thief, his smiling face and his belief ”If God wills it, what has not happened today may happen tomorrow.”

Minora said, ”I remembered the thief as one of my greatest teachers. Without him I would not be what I am.”


I entered a small village. A little boy carrying a lit candle was going somewhere. And Minora asked, “Can you tell me from where the light comes? You have lighted the candle yourself so you must have seen where the light came from. What is the source of the light?”

The boy laughed and he said, “Wait!” And he blew out the candle in front of Minora. And he said,” You have seen the light go. Can you tell me where it has gone? If you can tell me where it has gone I will tell you from where it has come, because it has gone to the same place. It has returned to the source.”

Minora said, “I had met great philosophers but nobody had made such a beautiful statement: “It has gone to the very source.” Everything returns to its source finally. Moreover, the child made me aware of my own ignorance. I was trying to joke with the child, but the joke was on me. He showed me that asking foolish questions: “from where has the light come?”—is not intelligent. It comes from nowhere, from nothingness — and it goes back to nowhere, to nothingness.”

Minora said,” I paid  reverence to the child. The child was puzzled. He asked, “Why do you pay respect to me?” And I told him, “You are my teacher– You have shown me something. You have given me a great lesson, a great insight.”

Since that time, Minora said, “I have been meditating on nothingness and slowly, slowly, I have entered into nothingness. And now the final moment has come when the candle will go out and the light will go out. And I know where I am going—to the same source.

No situation is without a lesson, no situation at all. All situations are filled with meaning and intelligence. But we have to discover them. They may not always be on the surface.

When we see life itself as our teacher, these lessons become more accessible.

What are the Spiritual Laws in operation here?


Practical Insights for Daily Life

‘Therefore, the ECKist is a realist, for he knows how to use the Law of Polarity.  When he has to use his consciousness in the psychic world, he is able to take advantage of the Law of Opposites.  But when he is in the world of the true Kingdom of God, then he is able to use the Law of Polarity for his own benefit through this conscious state.” – The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Bk 2, Chp 7

The above excerpt held Priscilla captive for days on end.  Her curiosity about using this Law of Polarity for her own benefit in a conscious state lingered in her attention every minute of her waking state. The curiosity was such that it wouldn’t step aside for anything else to enter her consciousness. Finally, one morning during contemplation, the fire of curiosity was quelled.

Sitting quietly in contemplation, Wah Z, the Mahanta, the Inner Master and Rebazar Tarz, the great Tibetan ECK Master, fleeted in and out of her attention. Priscilla said that she understands all that is written about this law – all the things about passive and active, feminine and masculine, day and night and so on. She asked in all honesty, “What I want to know is how this law operates at the grassroots level.   Because if I can’t see how it works in my mundane everyday life, I won’t be free of karma.”

The answer given astounded her.  “Talking and listening.”  The Masters continued, “Talking is active while listening is passive.  To know when to talk and when to listen will see you living free of karma.  We all know that too much talking or talking unnecessarily goes against the Law of Economy.  While a person who listens but refuses to speak up when it is time to talk, that is to flow with the Law of Polarity, incurs unnecessary karma.”

The gift of this grassroots truth instantly peeled off a layer of fear which had prevented Priscilla from participating fully in life.

The knowingness of when to talk and when to listen comes when we are in tune with the divinity within us. The fear of talking when one is supposed to shows a mistrust in the Light and Sound of ECK or the life force. It is in a way one of the passions of the mind, vanity, playing itself out. Vanity can either put us in an inactive state or an aggressive state.

The discipline of the spiritual exercises takes a person to the Seat of Soul so that she can move with the ebb and flow of the Law of Opposites.

This revelation again brought to Priscilla’s mind the words of Sri Harold Klemp, The Mahanta, The Living ECK Master, who said, “Knowing these laws, we can then make our own life easier.” – The Dream Master, Mahanta  Transcripts, Bk 8, Chp 8