Thoughts are Things

Walking home on a covered pathway, Florence saw some cat food strewn all over the pathway, making the place unsightly. Her immediate response was wishing the relevant authority would pick on the person who made the mess and fine him.

Just as she played out the thought, she almost stumbled on the stairs leading to her home. Luckily, she managed to reach out to the railing, thus preventing a fall.

The following week, strangely enough, the same scenario played out again at the same site. Once more, she created the thought form of having the person who made the mess be punished by the authority. To her amazement, she found herself having the same experience of stumbling and being saved by the railing. That shook her up and made her wonder what the spiritual lesson was in this experience.

Florence realised she had manifested her thoughts in a negative way which would not be spiritually beneficial for all the individuals concerned.

She is now more careful with her thoughts and wishes.


Law of Consciousness                                                                                          The simplest key to being ‘conscious’ is the art of listening… To be conscious is to be humble and compassionate in the presence of life. In short, love fills your being. The ego is out.

– Harold Klemp, The Spiritual Laws of Life, p. 11

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