The Ice-Cream That Got Away

Janice stepped out of the museum, her curiosity about the wonders of the natural world satiated for the time being. The afternoon of exploration had however left her a little hungry. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted an ice cream truck parked right by the main road. Images of swirls of soft creamy ice cream on a crisp cone teased her mind. She couldn’t wait to get to it!

On a nudge, she looked at her watch and realised she would be late for her dinner appointment if she didn’t make a run for the Metro train. She was torn now. Should she give in to her craving or heed the divinely guided nudge to do what was right and head straightaway to the train station?

The ice cream cone won. She convinced herself she would have enough time. She walked quickly to the truck. Excitedly, she ordered a blue raspberry dipped cone. Whilst waiting, she drifted into a daydream of sharing with her friend a picture of this pretty blue ice cream delight. The colour blue has a special significance to them.

She was startled out of her happy thoughts by the movement of the truck. Her first thought was the ice cream man was re-parking his truck. But when the truck started speeding away, she realised with a sinking feeling that on his tail was a police car. There goes her dream cone….

She had not noticed but by the side of the road stood a lady observing with amusement the whole scenario. She walked up to her and she told Janice it was a regular happening. The ice-cream truck would make a quick getaway and return when the coast was clear. He’d be back in about half an hour. She didn’t have the luxury of time so she decided to take her leave.

Just then, Janice caught sight of the word ‘compliance’ on her lanyard. She laughed to herself or rather at herself. A waking dream? Yes, and its message loud and clear; you can’t escape from the spiritual laws. More specifically, in choosing to indulge in her craving for ice cream at the expense of being on time, she was breaking the spiritual law of discrimination.

One aspect of the law of discrimination is making the right choices, one that leads to spiritual advancement instead of wasting time. You can bet Janice wasted no time in making her way to her agreed destination for the evening.

In the ECK Satsang Discourses, Fourth Series, Sri Harold writes, “It requires a high level of discrimination to avoid breaking the spiritual law.”

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