The Hummingbird

Megan had a dream in which she received a photo of her nephew holding a HUmmingbird via WhatsApp. He and his colleagues had found it in their office. She responded with a text for them to bring it back with them as she really likes it.

Alas, they returned without the Hummingbird. Noticing the look of disappointment on her face, Megan’s nephew gently remarked, “I know you like it but I didn’t know you really wanted it. Here, it is so easy. Just reach out your hand and you will find it.”

True enough, there was a Hummingbird in his hand! Megan’s nephew handed it to her and said, “Here, reach out your hand and take it.” And she did.

Upon awakening, Megan realized the connection between the Hummingbird and HU. The HU can be hers for the asking. Just reach out for it. What a precious discovery!

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