Socks as Divine Protection

Chantilly contemplated on the Law of HU before she retired for the night. That night she had an inner experience. In her inner experience, she said out loud, ‘I do not have any socks.’ She was given a choice and selected the one with animal prints. Upon awakening, Chantilly vividly remembered her inner experience and tried to figure out the significance of that pair of socks. Socks are protective footwear one wears with shoes and she knew intuitively that SOCKS meant ‘protection’ from the ECK.

Chantilly travels regularly on the inner planes and has lost her way a couple of times. This inner experience was confirmation from the ECK to continue to explore the Inner worlds with confidence for she knows she will always be protected.

The Astral Plane is a vast place, indeed. Once, Chantilly had wanted to go to ASKLEPOSIS, the Temple of Golden Wisdom, on the Astral Plane and found herself in a campsite looking for her book discussion group. Another time, she ended up in a basement building with lots of rooms, again looking for her group.

She is now a little wiser. Her group has now given themselves a specific location in ASKLEPOSIS to meet on the night of their class so that Chantilly doesn’t get lost. But even if she does, she knows she has the guidance and protection of the Mahanta to help her navigate through unfamiliar Inner terrain.


Mahanta. A title to describe the highest state of God Consciousness on earth, often embodied in the Living ECK Master. He is the Living Word. An expression of the Spirit of God that is always with you.


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