Laws of Charity

The laws that bring Soul a greater capacity to love

 1. Laws and Rules for the Chela

“To give harmony, purity, and perfection of Soul.”

2. Law of Creativity

“Every atom is striving continually to manifest more life; all are intelligent, and all are seeking to carry out the purpose for which it is created.”

3. Danda, the Righteous Law

“Self-discipline; sometimes called the righteous law. It treats the divine rights of people as well as kings; works both ways, neither can trespass upon the other’s rights.”

 4. Dharma

“Dharma. The Law of Life; the righteousness of life; doing what is right; the code of conduct that sustains the right ethics in life.”

 5. Ethics

“That which is not selfish, which is good for the whole, which will not harm one and will do justice for all concerned; actions for the benefit of all.”

6. Four Zoas

“The four Zoas (laws) of Eckankar for the Mahdis, the initiate of the Fifth Circle, are

(I) The Mahdis shall not use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs; gamble; or be gluttonous in any way. No Mahdis shall be existent on the animal level. He is a leader, and he must fix his attention above the psychology of the brute.

(II) The Mahdis shall not speak with the tongue of vanity or deceit, or unhappiness, criticize the action of others, blame others for wrongdoings, quarrel, fight, or inflict injury. He shall at all times be respectful and courteous to his fellow man and show great compassion and happiness.

(III) The Mahdis shall have humility, love, and freedom from all bonds of creeds. He shall be free from the laws of karma which snare him with boastfulness and vanity. He shall have love for all people and all creatures of the Sugmad.

(IV) The Mahdis must preach the message of ECK at all times, and prove to the world that he is an example of purity and happiness. He must show that the disciple in the human body must have a Master in the human body.”

7. Law of Gratitude

“Abundance flourishes in a grateful heart; gratitude is the secret of love.”

8. Law of Love

“The principle which gives thought the dynamic power to correlate with its object, and, therefore, to master every adverse human experience; feeling that imparts vitality to thought; feeling is desire, and desires is love.”

9. Maybury’s Two Laws

“(I)  Do all you have agreed to do, and

(II) do not encroach on other persons or their property.

These laws appear in Richard Maybury’s Whatever Happened to Justice?

10. Law of Noninterference

“Soul’s responsibility not to interfere in the affairs of another Soul, but to allow others their freedom. To interfere usually involves  a lack of love. Impatience and offering uninvited advice are often symptoms. Even the Living ECK Master does not enter into someone’s personal affairs without definite permission. This spiritual law forbids it.”

11. Law of Plenty

“We live according to the Law of Plenty when we go about life with love and thanksgiving. The viewpoint that there is enough for everybody; more than enough if people know how to find the blessings of God.”

12. Law of Progressive Continuation

“Soul’s instinctive drive toward higher states of being.”

13. Kamit

“The Law of Silence, which means being silent about the secret teachings, personal affairs with ECK, and the personal word given in the initiations.”






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