The Scratched Diamond

There was once a very wealthy king who owned many beautiful things and statues which were made by the best sculptors in the land. Of all of his belongings, his very favourite possession was the most glorious diamond you can imagine.

It was huge around his hand. And it was pure – clear and flawless, without any marks or blemishes. He loved to sit with the diamond, gazing at its beauty and perfection.

One day when the king went to look at his diamond, he discovered to his horror that it had a long, deep scratch. He couldn’t believe his eyes! Immediately he sent for all of the best diamond cutters in his kingdom.

One by one they came to inspect the diamond. Each looked closely and then shook  his head. The scratch was too deep and if they tried to polish, it might break.

Finally one last diamond carver came before the king. He examined it closely and he said, “I will fix it. Leave the diamond with me for two weeks and I will return it to you better than ever. But, you must not disturb me and wait for it until it is finished. The King agreed.

As for the diamond carver, day after day, night after night, he worked on the diamond. Bit by bit, he worked on the scratch. It was slow and tedious work. He knew he had to work carefully or the diamond could crack into pieces. Finally it was finished and handed to the king.

When presented, the king gasped at what he saw. Where there had once been a scratch, a horrible flaw in his precious diamond, there was now an exquisitely beautiful flower carved into the diamond. Unable to polish the scratch out of the diamond, the carver had instead turned the flaw into something beautiful.

The king loved his diamond more than ever. Whenever he gazed upon it, he was reminded that even something imperfect or flawed can become something exclusively beautiful.

Can you find the Laws of Freedom in this story?

The Star

Once Jenny had a dream. In the dream she saw a celestial Star.

She could not understand the significance of her dream.  She asked her Teacher to explain the meaning of the Star.

“It would be good if you continue your study with me”, said the Teacher. ‘But if you do not follow the Path, you will have to travel resolutely and at times restlessly’

Shortly, she left him and sought another, Teacher B, Teacher C and many more.

She passed thirty years in her search. Finally she made it to the Inner worlds. “There she saw the bright, radiant Star. Her original, Teacher A, was waiting to welcome her.

“Why did you not tell me when we first met that you were the custodian of the Star,” she asked him

Teacher A gave her smile.

What are the Laws of Freedom operating in this story?

A Dust Storm

Consider a family living in a house. One day, they were enjoying the fresh cool breeze coming through their open doors and windows of the house.

However, the weather suddenly changed to a terrible dust storm. The family realizing the storm, closed the doors and windows. Some of the dust had blown into the house. After closing the doors and windows, they started clearing the dust that had come in to make the house clean again.

What are the Spiritual Laws working here?

Inner Travels

Do you wish to open a door to the hidden spiritual realms that exist beyond our physical senses?

There are many planes that exist beyond the physical plane which we live in. Worlds beyond worlds, they are created for us to learn about our true divinity and the principle of ‘Soul exists because God loves It’.

As Soul we are a spark of the divine source, here on earth to learn how to give and receive love in our daily spiritual encounters.

Venture on to read the profound experiences of many who have embarked on a journey to discover who we truly are as spiritual beings.



The Young Moth

The boy watched the eggs of a moth hatched into a wriggly little larva. After some day it became a chrysalis and was enclosed in a cocoon.

One day, he saw the pupa eating itself out of the cocoon. It created a small entrance and tried to squeeze its way out of the cocoon.

The boy thought it was going through pain and agony and decided to assist it by cutting the top portion of the cocoon to save it from pain and agony.

A young moth did come through easily but its body and wings were heavy with fluid and it was just a blop. After sometime it died.

The boy now realized that the small exit was God’s way of clearing all the fluid and turning it into a beautiful moth.

What are the Laws of Wisdom in operation?

Ariel confronts the ‘little self’

The Spiritual Exercise for the month of March from the Dream 2 discourse required Ariel to read from The Living Word Book 1, 2, or 3. Before Ariel did the Spiritual Exercise, she asked the ECK for help with one particular passion that seemed to have taken hold of her. Gossiping!

Random flipping of The Living Word Book 2 brought her to page 60: Dreams, Your Road to Heaven. The passage that lit up for her read:

When the Mahanta wanted to remind her to avoid gossip and honor the Law of Silence, she had a dream in which something unpleasant was in her mouth.”

This passage certainly held a special meaning for her as it was the answer to her request for help regarding gossiping. The ECK then gave her several experiences to test her adherence to the Law of Self and the Law of Silence.

Ariel worked at a Simulation Center where she was assigned the role of patient chaperon to a lady named Margaret. This lady, ‘Ms Know It All’, seemed to know everything about the management and was nonchalant about putting them down. Ariel tried not to participate in her chatter but was so tempted to gossip about her after the assignment.

First, she wanted to bring to the coordinator’s attention the fact that Margaret was not attired in the button-down shirt which all participants were instructed to wear. Before she could broach the subject, someone wanted to speak to him. That timely interruption was the hand of ECK at work. Ariel was grateful for this disruption as it gave her time to reflect on her negative intention.

Then at the lunch queue, she was tested again. She tried to talk about Margaret to another friend but he advised her not to discuss cases as the students were about. That was the second time divine intervention saved her from gossiping. Later, when the gossip-mongers tried to engage Ariel about Margaret’s performance in the examination room, Ariel very honestly admitted that although she was tempted to gossip about her, she had chosen not to.

All these three consecutive episodes about not letting the ego take precedence were a walk on the razor’s edge. Nevertheless, Ariel was grateful to the Mahanta for being there for her and helping her overcome the subtle lure of the negative force and ‘the little self’.

The Law of Self states that each must understand and act to solve the mystery of their little self before they can solve the mystery of God. Rebazar Tarzs adds that the little self can be a stumbling block when it expresses ‘…a greater sense of outrage over the faults of others than at our own. Excusing our own weaknesses and shifting our blame to others. Like gossiping.’

By giving her these experiences, Divine Spirit was making Ariel aware of the play of ego and vanity. And one sure way to side-step these insidious traps were the Spiritual Exercises of ECK!

Finding the Class in the Temple of Askleposis

Two months ago, Ivy went to Askleposis to attend a class on Five Spiritual Laws of this World by ECK Master Gopal Das.  To get there, she sat comfortably on her bed in tailor fashion (known as the lotus position to Buddhists), closed her eyes and sang HU as she gently placed her attention on her spiritual eye.  The spiritual eye is located between the eyes and close to the pineal glands in the head.

After a short HU chant, she found herself on the grounds of the Golden Temple of Wisdom at Askleposis.  Walking towards the Temple entrance, flanked by two imposing Roman columns, she realised she had no idea where the class was being held.  She chided herself for not checking with her classmates who are studying the spiritual laws under the guidance of ECK Master Gopal Das.  Climbing up the short flight of steps, she entered the temple.

Ivy was disheartened to find it empty.  There was not a Soul in sight!  What was she to do?   Then her earthly habit kicked in.  She cried out, “Hellooo! Anybody in?”  She waited.  Nobody came.  Wondering what to do next, she looked around.  On either side of the lobby, hugging the wall, two long flights of stairs wound upwards to the upper floor.  These two semicircular shaped stairs formed an alcove on the ground floor.   Beneath the alcove is a long narrow corridor.  There something caught her eye. Slightly off the center to the left stood a waist high rectangular table-like structure.

She walked over to it.  Instinct said it is an information counter like those found in shopping malls. However, this one is quite different.  There were no pictures or words to tap on for information.  There was just a simple line drawing of a hand on the screen.  Heeding her nudge, she placed her right hand on the line drawing.  To her surprise, her name appeared on the screen, followed by topic of class discussion, the name of ECK Master Gopal Das and lastly it stated: Straight down corridor on ground floor, 3rd room to the left.

Ivy was ecstatic!  And relieved too that she had not just located the class but also that she wasn’t late! Interestingly, she had been nudged to start her HU chant several minutes before the scheduled time of the class the night of this experience.

A Farmer and His Horses

Farmer Joe had a horse which he loved very much. It was his pride and joy.

One day the horse came back with 3 wild horses. The neighbors came and told Joe how fortunate he was to have more horses. The following day, Joe’s son while trying to tame one of the wild horses was thrown by it and broke his leg.

The neighbors came and they said what bad luck for it has caused injury to his son. The following day, the army came to draft young man to the army. As the son had a broken leg they did not draft him.

The neighbors came and congratulated Joe that he was very lucky as his son was exempted due to his injury and their sons were drafted.

What are the spiritual laws in motion here?

The Journey of a Man’s Life

SJA was a follower of religion A since birth. He quite happily followed the rites and rituals. He was sure upon death he would go to heaven.

Later in life he started to develop doubts and he started to search for an answer.

He came across a teaching which gave the answers to his doubts and experiences, never before known to him.

What are the spiritual laws in motion here?

The Hummingbird

Megan had a dream in which she received a photo of her nephew holding a HUmmingbird via WhatsApp. He and his colleagues had found it in their office. She responded with a text for them to bring it back with them as she really likes it.

Alas, they returned without the Hummingbird. Noticing the look of disappointment on her face, Megan’s nephew gently remarked, “I know you like it but I didn’t know you really wanted it. Here, it is so easy. Just reach out your hand and you will find it.”

True enough, there was a Hummingbird in his hand! Megan’s nephew handed it to her and said, “Here, reach out your hand and take it.” And she did.

Upon awakening, Megan realized the connection between the Hummingbird and HU. The HU can be hers for the asking. Just reach out for it. What a precious discovery!